Make a purchase on our website is very simple. The steps to follow are those:

1.- Select the product you want to buy. From there, you can choose how many units you want, size and color. When you have finished with that article, click on the icon to add to the basket.

2.- Once you have finished adding products, you have to click on the icon in the basket on the top right. This option will show the products in the basket (if there is one).

3.- A summary of your basket will appear. If you agree, click on confirm.

4.- Here you will find five steps to complete to make the purchase:

   - Validate the summary of items in the basket (here you can delete items, increase or decrease units).

   - Log in with your user. If you do not have a user yet, from here, you can sign up at El Petit Ballet Shop.

   - Enter the shipping and billing address or validate the one you have previously entered.

   - Select the transport method. Note: Store delivery is only possible for purchases made in Sabadell.

   - Select the payment method. Once the previous steps are completed, your purchase will be completed.

You will receive an email where you will be informed of the order placed, as well as when the order is sent to you. For any questions, go to the main menu option Contact Us where we will be happy to help.